AI-Powered Discovery Platform & Technologies involved

Creating a New Universe Genomic Sequences predictions,

GenomicsMaster makes revolution in Biology and Automation using Artificial Intelligence!

GeomicsMaster is Pioneer in this new approach!


AI-Powered Discovery Platform

Biology is too Complex for human Brain! Artificial Intelligence is the FUTURE of Discovery and Prevention!

Our AI platform directs us to the best discovery and prevention methods in Drug Discovery, Imaging and Genomic Medicine. Using Machine Learning and various deep learning methods, GenomicsMaster knows biology, from disease down to DNA and RNA levels. Everyone can use our AI platform to improve their work. That includes geneticists, biologists, chemists, toxicologists, clinicians and drug developers.

Technologies involved

We use Machine learning applications for the analysis of genome sequencing data sets.  The technology used in this software will be able to read, Trim, assemble, annotate, and process different sequencer output data, including FASTA, FASTQ

and FAST5, and finally, will analyze the raw data with the genebanks to produce applicable information, including the name of the genes, and the presence of any abnormalities, which finally illustrates the genetic status of the case. Deep learning would be used to find patterns in the data.  A Deep Neural  Network (DNN) would be located on the cloud, and sequenced human genomes from our client database would be uploaded. With time being of the essence, parallel computing will reduce the time required for the DNN (RNN ) to perform its operation in a matter of hours.


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